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Student Bassoons

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If you're in the market for a student bassoon, this is definitely the place for you. In the early stages of playing an instrument, confidence is important, which is why every aspiring student musician deserves an instrument that was designed with learning in mind. Of course, the bassoon is no exception, and the student bassoons in this section are crafted with careful attention to even the smallest detail. Respected woodwind manufacturers like Allora and Fox are both represented here, and each of their student bassoons deserve your consideration.

So with that in mind, let's jump into some options. To begin your search, check out the Allora AABN-141 Student Series Bassoon. Along with all the essential features that the best student bassoons have, this model also boasts a full Heckel key system with a high D note, F# and G# trill keys, plateau C on the third finger of the wing joint and C#, D# and F roller keys. Additionally, its durable ABS body makes it immune to temperature changes and its tough nickel keys ensure top-notch sound and intonation.

Now for those who have a little more wiggle room in their savings, look no further than the Fox Renard Model 41 Bassoon. In the key of C, this student bassoon sports a polypropylene body, full German system, nickel silver keys and nickel plating. The Model 41 even has rollers on F, Ab, Eb and Db and comes with a case. Arm yourself with this bassoon, and you'll be turning heads with your talents in no time.

While the first steps of playing the bassoon can be a challenge, you'll learn quickly that the rewards make every practice worth it. With its wide range and distinctive tone, the bassoon has played an important role in countless legendary orchestral works since it was developed in the early 18th century. The fact that you've taken up such a dignified instrument is a testament to your discerning tastes, and any one of the student bassoons in these pages will have you off to a terrific start in your musical journey.