Ibanez Bass Workshop recently launched some exciting Ergonomic Headless Bass series basses at NAMM 2020. These EHB basses are designed for players ready to take their bass playing to the next level. Musician’s Friend is stocking all seven basses in the EHB series. You’ll find they come in a choice of tonewoods, scale length and number of strings. 

You love headless, but why EHB?

The EHB series are not the first headless basses from Ibanez. During the mid ‘80s, the Ibanez Axstar series of headless basses borrowed design elements from Steinberger and came in 4- and 5-string versions. Axstar basses are still sought after today on the used market. The Ergonomic series brings a whole new design with several key technological advances.

It’s all about the headless bridge

One of the main elements of the EHB is the bridge. The MR5HS bridge is designed especially for the EHB basses and features wide intonation range. Each bridge piece is independently and securely attached to the body for maximum vibration transfer, and the saddles are adjustable for string spacing +/-1.5 mm, answering every bassist’s individual string spacing demands, no matter what playing style. Teflon washers are used on each tuner for smooth tuning action.

EHB multi-scale options

EHB models whose numbers end in MS are the multi-scale versions. There are two 5-strings and one 6-string. The multi-scale basses may appear a little daunting, but multi-scale guitars and basses are gaining popularity on Musician’s Friend. They offer three main advantages. First and foremost, is the ergonomic fret layout. The way the frets are angled, your wrist works less fingering notes up and down the neck. Secondly, you get better intonation. Between the fret angles and adjustable bridge, you’ll find that notes are better intonated at every position. Thirdly, having a greater length on the low strings increases the tension enough so that the notes have a more piano-like tone, with less wobble.

EHB models and electronics

EHB1000 models include the EHB1000, the EHB1005 and the EHB1005MS 5-string multi-scale. All three come with Bartolini BH2 pickups. EHB1500 models include the EHB1500, EHB1505, and the EHB1505MS and EHB1506MS 5- and 6-string multi-scale models. These four feature Nordstrand Custom Big Split pickups. All Ibanez EHB basses share the same active electronics layout. There’s a 3-band EQ with adjustable mid frequency, active EQ bypass, blend and volume. That’s plenty to dial in your tone for any setting, without worries if the battery dies.

EHB series body design and tonewoods

Ibanez EHB series bodies come in either American basswood for the EHB1000 range, or with a poplar burl top and lightweight African mahogany back for the EHB1500 range. The specially designed body enables the player to maintain a similar playing position whether seated or standing. The top half of the back of the body is slanted, which allows the bass to rest slightly closer to the player’s body for better control and a more ergonomic feel. Its contoured, ergonomic design and chambered body make for a lightweight, well-balanced and comfortable instrument that’s excellent for long sets or practice session.

Which EHB is right for you depends on how many strings you want and whether you’re open to going multi scale or not. Visit Musician’s Friend to see the Ibanez EHB series up close.