We go in-depth with the Fender Custom Shop Double TV Jones Relic Telecaster.

A pair of TV Jones pups gives this Double TV Jones Relic Telecaster a whole lotta beef when you want it. Sure, it’s got that elemental Tele twang DNA, but the hum-free pickups add a layer of warmth and squish that, with the right amp, easily get into full-throated fur-covered territory. From rockabilly to jazz to blues to hard-driving rock, this is one Tele that can do it all while delivering the classic playability that makes the Telecaster the icon that it is.

Private Reserve Guitars’ Brian Baggett puts this amazingly versatile Tele through its paces.

The Fender Custom Shop has given it a fabulous Relic treatment along with top binding, creating the vibe of a treasured ‘60s-era Tele that’s been modded out, played plenty, and lovingly preserved. The addition of a Bigsby bridge adds to that mystique while giving it even more performance options.

Here’s what our Guitar Advisor, Derek White, had to say about this awesome Telecaster:

Derek White:
This is a super fun playing guitar. The TV Jones add a big dose of clarity and quirkiness to the already awesome Tele tone. Big, clear clean tones and a dirty tone that really has some bite. The Bigsby tailpiece sometimes gets a little bit of a bad rap, but when it's on a guitar that's made this well, tuning stability is no problem. Adding a little Bigsby warble to some pedal steel bends is really fun. This thing is a unique little inspiration machine!

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