Introduced at Moogfest 2019, the Moog Matriarch is a powerful and inspiring semi-modular, 4-note paraphonic synthesizer overflowing with possibility. Matriarch features 90 patch-points, offering nearly limitless modulation opportunities as well as easy integration with its family members: Grandmother, Mother-32 and DFAM. In our demo video below, Wilco keyboardist Mikael Jorgensen explores Matriarch's expansive sonic capabilities.

Weaving its way through some of Bob Moog's most revered circuits, Matriarch's all-analog, semi-modular signal path delivers awe-inspiring sound right of the box. The 4 VCOs offer selectable waveforms and octaves as well as hard sync capability. These VCOs can be used in three different ways: 4-note paraphonic mode, 2-note paraphonic mode and a stacked monophonic mode. Each mode has its own unique sonic qualities and applications, as heard in Mikael's demo.  

Matriarch offers an impressive one-two punch of sound sculpting thanks to its dual Ladder Filters and stereo Analog Delay. The filter section has three different modes: Parallel (High Pass/Low Pass), Stereo (Low Pass/Low Pass) and Series (HP/LP). The stereo delay module, inspired by the classic MF-104M Moogerfooger, provides up to 700ms of stereo or ping-pong style repeats. The dual Envelope Generators, with performance-friendly Sustain fader (as on Grandmother) can you bring you from classic pizzicato sounds to rich, evocative pads in no time. 

Like Grandmother, announced at Moogfest 2018, Matriarch has an 256-note Sequencer on-board, capable of playing up to 4 notes per step. There's also a three-mode Arpeggiator that moves in Order, Forward/Backward or Random. 

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