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More so than any other saxophone, the alto is definitely the most widely-used. For this reason, it's really no surprise that a highly-renowned brass and woodwind manufacturer like P. Mauriat would specialize in a wide array of alto saxophones. Like every saxophone they construct, P. Mauriat's alto models are brought to life through a lengthy process. Once complete, each sax is then carefully tried and tested, and it's this kind of dedication that has earned P. Mauriat praise from many of today's top alto saxophonists, including James Carter, and Greg Osby.

P. Mauriat saxophones are well-known for their exclusive use of French brass, as well as their rolled tone holes for superior resonance. In fact, P. Mauriat tone holes are extruded from the actual brass itself, and it's this kind of innovative way of thinking that puts P. Mauriat on the leading edge of modern vintage saxophone design. Just take a look at the best-selling System 76 Professional Alto Saxophone. Producing a huge sound with a core that's full of rich overtones, this incredible instrument has a Super VI style neck, abalone key touches, and comes in both vintage dark lacquer and class gold lacquer colors, with each lending their own differences in sound. Whatever you choose, you can bet that the performance of a lifetime is more than plausible when you're armed with this professional alto sax.

Now if it's an intermediate model that you want, go with the PMSA-57GC in honey gold lacquer. Boasting blue steel springs, as well as Pisoni pads and resonators, this intermediate sax even comes with an upgraded accessory package and P. Mauriat traveler case. Within this package, you'll receive a David Hite mouthpiece, Collins Corkgrease, Forestone synthetic reed, neck strap, and an upgraded BG ligature and cap. Overall, the PMSA-57GC is a genuine P. Mauriat intermediate alto sax that's ideal for both jazz groups and the concert stage.

As you've probably realized by now, you don't have to look at any further than P. Mauriat for an alto saxophone that's beautifully crafted and technically precise. After all, when you have a skill that's as impressive as playing the saxophone, you deserve an instrument that allows you to showcase your strongest playing traits; and for that, P. Mauriat has just what you need.