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New Celestion

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  1. Price Drop
    Celestion Vintage 30 60W, 12" Guitar Speaker
    Product Price $119.79
  2. Top Rated
    Celestion G12M Greenback 25W, 12" Guitar Speaker
    Product Price $122.62
  3. Top Rated
    Celestion Blue 15W, 12" Vintage Alnico Guitar Speaker
    Product Price $259.58
  4. Top Rated
    Celestion Heritage G12H (55Hz) 30W, 12" Vintage Guitar Speaker
    Product Price $177.49
  5. Best Seller
    Celestion G12 Neo Creamback 60W 12 in. Guitar Speaker
    Product Price $160.00
  6. Top Rated
    Celestion G12H Anniversary 30W, 12" Guitar Speaker
    Product Price $149.00
  7. Best Seller
    Celestion G12M-65 Creamback 12" Speaker 16 Ohm
    Product Price $159.00
  8. Top Rated
    Celestion G12T-75 75W, 12" Guitar Speaker
    Celestion G12T-75 75W, 12" Guitar Speaker
    Product Price $108.85
  9. Top Rated
    Celestion G10 Gold 40W, 10" Alnico Guitar Speaker
    Product Price $175.00
  10. Best Seller
    Celestion G12M-65 Creamback 12" 65W Guitar Speaker
    Product Price $145.50
  11. Top Rated
    Celestion Cream 90W 12" Alnico Guitar Speaker
    Product Price $299.00
  12. Top Rated
    Celestion G12 EVH Van Halen Signature Guitar Speaker
    Product Price $149.00
  13. Price Drop
    Celestion Heritage G12-65 65W, 12" Vintage Guitar Speaker
    Product Price $148.89
  14. Top Rated
    Celestion V-Type 12" 70W Guitar Amp Speaker
    Product Price $99.00
  15. Best Seller
    Celestion G15V-100 Fullback 15" 100W 8 ohm Guitar Speaker
    Product Price $129.00
  16. Price Drop
    Celestion G10 Vintage 60W, 10" Guitar Speaker
    Product Price $82.18
  17. Top Rated
    Celestion Gold 50W, 12" Alnico Guitar Speaker
    Product Price $260.01
  18. Top Rated
    Celestion Ten 30 10" 30W Guitar Speaker
    Celestion Ten 30 10" 30W Guitar Speaker
    Product Price $35.00
  19. Top Rated
    Celestion Pulse Series 15 Inch 400 Watt 8ohm Ceramic Bass Replacement Speaker
    Product Price $119.00
  20. Top Rated
    Celestion Heritage G12M 20W, 12" Vintage Guitar Speaker
    Product Price $175.00
  21. Price Drop
    Celestion G12H-75 Creamback 12" Speaker 16 ohm
    Product Price $156.99
  22. Celestion G12H-75 Creamback 12" 75W Guitar Speaker, 8 Ohm
    Product Price $143.39
  23. Celestion Seventy 80 80W, 12" Guitar Speaker
    Product Price $69.00
  24. Top Rated
    Celestion Classic Lead 80 80W, 12" Guitar Speaker
    Product Price $136.23
  25. Price Drop
    Celestion Rocket 50 50W, 12" Guitar Speaker
    Product Price $49.95
  26. Top Rated
    Celestion G12 Century Vintage 60W, 12" Neodymium Guitar Speaker
    Product Price $134.10
  27. Celestion Blues/Rock 4x12 Speaker Set
    Celestion Blues/Rock 4x12 Speaker Set
    Product Price $548.00
  28. Price Drop
    Celestion G12H-150 Redback 150W 12 in. Guitar Speaker
    Product Price $148.89
  29. Top Rated
    Celestion Metal/Hard Rock 4x12 Speaker Set
    Product Price $508.00
  30. Celestion Pulse Series 12 Inch 200 Watt 8 ohm Ceramic Bass Replacement Speaker
    Product Price $79.00
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About Celestion:

As your guitar playing abilities progress, so does your knowledge of the equipment itself. For this reason, many experienced players delve into the hobby of amplifier customization. Since 1924, Celestion has remained a global leader in state-of-the-art loudspeaker designs and manufacturing. So when you're ready to make an upgrade to your overall tone, you can bet that Celestion has an astounding range of speaker options to take your sound to the next level.

Celestion is no stranger to the world of guitar amplification. In fact, legendary icons ranging from Jimi Hendrix to Led Zeppelin and Cream have all shaped their signature styles through the usage of Celestion speakers. Today, Celestion carries their reputation for quality proudly, assuring you that every speaker they craft is tried and tested to meet rigorous standards of sonic excellence.

Amongst Celestion's many top sellers is the G12-65 Heritage 65W guitar speaker. Highly recommended for heavy metal guitarists, this speaker manages to deliver classic 80's guitar tones with unbelievable accuracy. Another superb option is the Celestion G12 Century Vintage. This 12" 60 watt neodymium guitar speaker combines 60's and 70's guitar tones into one amazingly versatile guitar speaker, and the neo characteristics of responsiveness and articulation are very much apparent.

Celestion also offers fantastic set packs. The Metal/Hard Rock 4/12 speaker set contains 2 Celestion G12T-75 12" speakers and 2 Vintage 30 speakers. Designed to meet the demands of high gain amps, this speaker set merges tightly controlled low-end and aggressive mid-range with a soft low-end that finely accompanies the aggressive upper harmonics.

Celestion has an incredible reputation that's continuously growing, and throughout their massive selection of options, you'll have no problem finding a guitar speaker that perfectly reflects your own musical tastes. Rest assured, when you make an upgrade to your guitar speakers with Celestion, there's no telling what kind of unique sound you might stumble upon.

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