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Meinl Concert Percussion

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  1. Best Seller
    Meinl Sonic Energy Wind Gong
    Meinl Sonic Energy Wind Gong
    Starting at $169.99
  2. Meinl Sleigh Bells
    Meinl Sleigh Bells
    Starting at $12.95
  3. Meinl Professional Wood Block
    Meinl Professional Wood Block
    Starting at $16.99
  4. Meinl Bill Saragosa Liquid Triangle
  5. Meinl Brass Triangle
    Meinl Brass Triangle
    Starting at $19.99
  6. Meinl Triangle Clamp
    Meinl Triangle Clamp
  7. Meinl Sonic Energy Tiger Gong
    Meinl Sonic Energy Tiger Gong
  8. Meinl Sonic Energy Chau Tam Tam with Beater
    Starting at $299.99
  9. Meinl Symphonic Suspended Cymbal
    Meinl Symphonic Suspended Cymbal
    Starting at $164.99
  10. Meinl Sonic Energy Synodic Moon Planetary Tuned Gong
  11. Meinl Sonic Energy Flower of Life Gong
  12. Meinl Universal Triangle
    Meinl Universal Triangle
  13. Meinl SY-TT36 Symphonic Tam Tam
    Meinl SY-TT36 Symphonic Tam Tam
  14. Meinl Sonic Energy Chiron Planetary Tuned Gong
  15. Meinl Sonic Energy Wu Xing Gong
    Meinl Sonic Energy Wu Xing Gong
  16. Meinl Sonic Energy Wu Xing Gong
    Meinl Sonic Energy Wu Xing Gong
    Starting at $899.99
  17. Meinl Sonic Energy Sun Planetary Tuned Gong
  18. Meinl Sonic Energy Sidereal Moon Planetary Tuned Gong
  19. Meinl Sonic Energy Uranus Planetary Tuned Gong
  20. Meinl Sonic Energy Venus Planetary Tuned Gong
  21. Meinl Sonic Energy Neptune Planetary Tuned Gong
  22. Meinl Sonic Energy Earth Planetary Tuned Gong
  23. Meinl Sonic Energy Mars Planetary Tuned Gong
  24. Meinl Suspended Symphonic Cymbal
    Meinl Suspended Symphonic Cymbal
  25. Meinl Artisan Edition Tambourine Two Rows
    Starting at $89.99
  26. Meinl Samba Triangle
    Meinl Samba Triangle
  27. Meinl Sonic Energy White Gong
    Meinl Sonic Energy White Gong
    Starting at $69.99
  28. Meinl Sonic Energy G24-FOL 24-Inch Flower of Life Gong; 128 Hz, C3
  29. Meinl Sonic Energy G32-DC-B 32-Inch Eight Corners of Heaven Mirror Gong (Don Conreaux)
  30. Meinl Sonic Energy Opera Gong
    Meinl Sonic Energy Opera Gong
  31. Meinl SY-TT28 Symphonic Tam Tam
    Meinl SY-TT28 Symphonic Tam Tam
  32. Meinl Sonic Energy Sedna Planetary Tuned Gong
  33. Meinl SY-TT32 Symphonic Tam Tam
    Meinl SY-TT32 Symphonic Tam Tam
  34. Meinl SY-TT40 Symphonic Tam Tam
    Meinl SY-TT40 Symphonic Tam Tam
  35. Meinl SY-TT24 Symphonic Tam Tam
    Meinl SY-TT24 Symphonic Tam Tam
  36. Meinl Sonic Energy Jupiter Planetary Tuned Gong
  37. Meinl Sonic Energy Saturn Planetary Tuned Gong
  38. Meinl Sonic Energy Mercury Planetary Tuned Gong
  39. Meinl Sonic Energy Platonic Year Planetary Tuned Gong
  40. Meinl Sonic Energy Sidereal Day Planetary Tuned Gong
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A great percussion set is about more than just drums. It takes a lot of instruments to create a well-rounded performance, especially in a big concert. Each and every little effect, from the jingle of a tambourine to the ring of a triangle, has an important role to play, and those are the sorts of instruments you'll find in Meinl concert percussion. This section also has several stands and accessories, so you have access to everything you need to put on a great show.

Is there any percussion instrument as misunderstood as the humble triangle? To the uninitiated, it seems simple... but an experienced musician knows that striking angle, force and position can all make a huge difference in its sound, making it a surprisingly challenging piece of percussion to master. There are a few different varieties here, like the Meinl Universal Triangle, Bill Saragosa Liquid Triangle and Meinl Brass Triangle. For a complete concert percussion setup, these are some instruments not to be missed!

You'll also want to check out Meinl's symphonic cymbals, and there are plenty to look at, from the Symphonic Suspended Cymbal to the Meinl Symphonic Thin Cymbal Pair. These instruments need no introduction, just like other classics such as the Artisan Edition Tambourine or the Finger Castanets Pair. Some of Meinl's percussion, including the Sleigh Bells and Professional Wood Block, are really distinctive effects that may not make an appearance in every single song - but when their cue does come up, they always make a memorable impression.

Once you've gone through the Meinl concert percussion lineup and decided which instruments are right for your needs, remember to take a second look to check for any stands or other accessories you could use. Meinl has plenty to offer here, so you can certainly find plenty of gear to help you build an excellent concert percussion collection even if you're starting from scratch.
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