Fender Classic Stratocasters

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When we think of electric guitars, we think of Stratocasters. That's no secret to anyone in the music community, and it's for a good reason. Alongside its brother the Telecaster, the Strat was a frontrunner in the design revolution of the 1950s that made the electric guitar what it is today. If you've been looking for an authentic vintage-style Strat of your own, then this lineup of Fender Classic Stratocasters is the place to find it. These instruments give you all the style and sound of a real vintage Strat, together with the playability and reliability of a modern build.

Choosing the classic Stratocaster for you is as easy as picking the decade that you like best. To go all the way back to the beginning, try the Fender Classic Series '50s Stratocaster Electric Guitar. There are two versions of this axe to choose from, one with modern finishes in the traditional colors and another with a genuine nitrocellulose lacquer finish for players who want the most authentic instrument possible. Each one features aged plastic knobs and the timeless Stratocaster layout with three single-coil pickups and five-way switching.

Moving on to the 1960s, an era when rock music really came into its own with the Strat leading the way, you'll find the Fender Classic Series '60s Stratocaster. Like the '50s model, it's available in standard or vintage-authentic lacquer finishes. Take another decade jump, and you'll come to the latest reissue in this section, the Fender Classic Series '70s Stratocaster Electric Guitar. It's characterized by its U-shaped neck, large headstock, "bullet" truss rod and Schaller Vintage "F" machine heads.

So go ahead and choose the era that's best for your own style. The '50s, '60s and '70s each had their own amazing impact on the music scene, and a version of the Fender Classic Stratocaster was there each step of the way. Owning one of these instruments is like owning a piece of rock history. Best of all, you'll be playing with the same sound and feel that the revolutionary artists of those game-changing years took onstage themselves.