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Whether you're building a live music venue from scratch or making an upgrade to your existing setup, you'll find plenty of installed sound options to choose from in this day and age. Of course, certain names have a strong reputation amongst professional sound engineers for a reason, and JBL is no exception. In fact, JBL's passion for live sound reinforcement is obvious in every installed sound system they design, and within this section you'll find an impressive array of choices for both indoor and outdoor applications.

For obvious reasons, it's important to choose your speakers wisely if they're being permanently installed... after all, they're likely going in for the long run. For instance, if it's a smaller-sized area like a patio or foyer that you're decking out, check out the Control 23 3.5IN 2-Way Indoor/Outdoor speaker. One of JBL's most compact speakers to date, the Control 23 is ideal for any application that requires foreground/background music, and as an extra bonus, the unique InvisiBall mounting hardware makes the installation process a breeze.

Now, for those who want something that hits hard in the bass department, go with the Control SB210 Dual 10" Indoor/Outdoor High Output Compact subwoofer. Providing plenty of low frequency power for a wide variety of applications, this versatile subwoofer packs quite a wallop for its portable size. Additionally, its thermoset composite-coated grille stands up to UV, humidity, and direct exposure to water. Overall, the Control SB210 subwoofer is just another example of why JBL is such a respected name in the world of professional audio.

To mention every amazing installed sound choice in JBL's catalog would take us all day, so if what you're looking for has not been mentioned here, be sure to browse the rest of their selection. The simple truth is that JBL takes pride in everything they construct, and this includes their extensive range of installed sound options.