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About Little Martin Guitars

The Little Martin features the manufacturer's smallest body size. Despite their small size, Little Martin guitars offer big tone and versatility. Because they're very portable, Little Martin guitars are ideal for travel and student practice. They also sound great around the campfire. Little Martin guitars are made using Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified sustainable parts.

This unique series of instruments does something that would have once sounded impossible: cramming big, stage-ready tone into the smallest guitar in Martin's lineup. If you know your luthiers, you'll know that C.F. Martin & Co. is one of the oldest and most respected ones around, and their experience and craftsmanship shows through in all their instruments. Little Martin guitars are no exception, and one of the things that might impress you most about these guitars is how well-balanced they are. Getting that right can be a challenge for some compact guitars, but Martin has absolutely nailed it. If you need a travel guitar that's balanced enough for finger-style playing, a Little Martin is the way to go.

For certain Little Martins, the versatility goes further than just their portable size. We're referring, of course, to acoustic-electric models. They give you the option to plug into an amp, so you'll have all the power and volume you need to play your small guitar even in big venues. If you want to get an idea of what this guitar can do, just consider for a moment that Martin built one for Ed Sheeran.

If there's one thing that Little Martin guitars prove, it's that the size of the guitar doesn't always tell you the whole story about its sound. These instruments are designed and built to deliver great tone, while being compact enough to take it anywhere you go. No matter your experience level or musical style, a Little Martin is a fantastic guitar to have in your collection. If you're not sure a Little Martin is the right model for you, shop the full collection of Martin guitars.

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