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For professional audio equipment, quality seriously matters. Fortunately, that's exactly what you can expect from RME Recording Gear. Based in Germany, RME Audio builds an excellent series of interfaces and converters that make great upgrades for your aging hardware as well as being fantastic choices to get a brand new recording studio up and running. To take advantage of all the power of digital recording software, one of the most important things you need is an audio interface. For small hobby or home studios where space is at a premium, RME has a great solution in the Babyface. This is a USB audio interface that's compact enough to use virtually anywhere, and what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in performance.

If you would rather have something that fits into your studio rack, take a look at the Fireface units. These full-sized, full-featured interfaces come with support for as many as 60 channels and allow you to choose between USB and Firewire to connect them to your editing computer. Picking out the right model is going to depend partly on the I/O options you need - for example, the Fireface UCX has a whole range of TRS and XLR inputs as well as direct iPad support. You'll want to check out their feature differences and channel counts to decide which Fireface is best for you.

Maybe you already own an RME Multiface, Digiface or RPM unit and you're planning an upgrade to your editing rig? Don't worry; you won't have to replace all of your RME gear. When you exchange your old machine with a new one that may only have PCI Express slots, all you need is RME's PCI-E HDSPe card to get everything hooked back up on the new computer. They've also got an ExpressCard version to get you sorted on a new laptop.

With RME recording gear powering your studio, you'll know that you've got solid hardware backing you up every time you transfer sound from analog sources to your digital workstation. Getting connected with high-end equipment is one important step toward producing the best work you possibly can.