Roland’s V-Drum family of electronic drums are known for their feel, playability, fantastic sounds and overall ruggedness. The latest entry to the V-Drum family, the new TD-17 electronic drums family, is no exception. This series includes three distinct models: the TD-17KL, TD-17KV and the TD-17KVX. With price points and feature sets designed for any drummer, these drums should appeal to everyone from beginners to semi-professionals.


Roland Product Specialist Jordan West demos some of the fantastic sounds available in the TD-17 family.

At the heart of the TD-17 family is the powerful TD-17 sound module. The module is loaded with a new set of sounds, totaling 300+ drum, percussion and effects sounds, with 100 different kits. This sound set is based on Roland’s acclaimed TD-50 module. Even better, users can import their own sounds, which Roland has never offered on V-Drums in this price range. With straight-forward sound editing, a broad assortment of built-in sounds and the ability to load in your own sounds, the possibilities for sound creation are virtually limitless.

Roland TD-17 Module

The TD-17 family includes some impressive hardware. Each of the models includes the new KD-10 Kick Trigger Pad. Compatible with both single and double kick drum pedals, the KD-10 is dynamic and sturdy. The TD-17KV and TD-17KVX also feature the new PDX-12, a 12”, dual-ply mesh head pad, which offers fantastic feel. Finally, the new VH-10 V-Hi-Hat found on the TD-17KVX features a “floating” design that can mount on a standard hi-hat stand and has a dual trigger cymbal pad.

Roland KD-10 Kick Drum Trigger

The TD-17 is also a great practice instrument. In addition to the obvious benefits of using headphones late at night, the TD-17KV and TD-17KVX feature built-in Bluetooth connectivity. With Bluetooth you can stream your music directly from your smartphone or tablet, so you can play along with your favorite songs and artists. Even better? You can record your performances on a standard SDHC card, allowing you to go back and critique your playing.

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