Bach Trumpets

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Trumpet players from around the world are more than familiar with the name Vincent Bach. Since 1918, Bach has been a leader in the manufacture of professional trumpets, and today, their reputation for exceptional sound clarity and smooth playability is championed by players from around the globe. Whether you're a professional jazz soloist or a high school orchestra member, Bach is dedicated to making your talents realized by an audience, and you'll have no problem finding a model in this section to suit your own tastes and playing style.

As every experienced player knows, trumpets are offered in a variety of different keys, and the one you choose will come down to your own specific needs and preferences. For example, one of the most common types is in the key Bb. This trumpet is known for its warm tone, which is why it's used so often in jazz ensembles. Bach has many Bb models available, and the 180S43 Stradivarius Series is preferred by many professionals. Featuring a 43 tapper bell for a more broad sound, it's also finished in silver and comes with a case, as well as a Bach 7C mouthpiece. Fun to play and incredibly responsive, the 180S43 Stradivarius Series trumpet is nothing short of top-notch.

Another popular type is in the key of C. These trumpets have a bright sound and they're typically found in orchestras. If this is what you're after, then check out the Chicago Series Stradivarius. Modeled after the ones sold to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra over 50 years ago, this model is finished in silver, contains a .462-inch bore and a special mouthpipe that's based on Vincent Bach's original design. Additionally, the classic French bead flat rim on this trumpet makes for a remarkable projection and tone.

Of course, these are only a couple of Bach's many choices available in this catalog. In fact, Bach also specializes in D, Eb and even piccolo options, so take a look around, and remember that making your brass skills shine is easy when you go with a trumpet from Bach.