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Whether you're out on the road, recording the latest single in the studio, or just jamming in your music room, Elixir acoustic guitar strings are a must for any guitar player. By focusing on innovation, Elixir has taken their strings to the next level, making them an absolute must for your instrument.

Elixir acoustic guitar strings are made with pride in the USA, which means when you sit down to strum on these strings, you'll instantly notice their impressive quality construction. What really helps to set these strings apart is their patented fluoropolymer coating. This coating, once referred to as the biggest evolution in strings in over 40 years, reduces debris and skin oil that can accumulate in and corrode your string, which in turn goes a long way in extending the life of your strings. This advancement has caught the eye (and ear) of some serious performers. Musicians such as Eric Church, Kaki King, Melissa Etheridge, Eric Bibb, Kenny Loggins, Miranda Lambert, and Shun Ng all trust their sound and tone to Elixir acoustic guitar strings, now it's your turn to do the same.

So now the big question: which Elixir strings are right for you? The truth is that there's no real right or wrong answer to that question. All of these strings are fantastically made and all offer distinct characteristics that make them stand out. It's simply a matter of exploring the different options and finding the ones that really connect with you and your guitar. If you really aren't sure where to start your search, the best sellers might be your safest bet. Options like the Light Nanoweb Acoustic Guitar Strings and the Nanoweb HD Light Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings, for example, are both great options for players of any skill level. If you're playing a 12-string guitar, have a look at the Nanoweb Light 12-String Acoustic Guitar Strings or the Nanoweb Heavy 12-String Acoustic Guitar Strings. If you're actually just looking to stock up on an individual string, Elixir offer singles as well, so you're completely covered.

Musicians who use Elixir strings know just how great they are. Their sound and tone is distinct and their durability is legendary, making them must have strings for your acoustic guitar.