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When it comes to the overall playability and tone of your instrument, strings are a critical component on everything from mandolins to banjos. For this reason, you need to be sure that the strings your instrument is equipped with are designed using only the finest materials, with careful consideration given to both durability and tone. Thankfully, players from around the world consistently report that Elixir strings last longer than other string on the market, coated or uncoated.

No musician wants to change their strings often. For this reason, it only makes sense to go with a brand that has a strong reputation for crafting strings the hold up through countless amounts of plucks and strums. With Elixir, you're going with a set of strings that have gone through a serious tests to not only meet expert standards, but completely surpass them.

For guitars, you can't go wrong with the Light Nanoweb strings. For this set of strings, the engineers at Elixir took their original Polyweb coating and shrunk it down to Nanoweb size. The result is brighter-sounding strings that last 3 times longer than regular strings. Elixir also constructs superb mandolin strings, and the Light Nanoweb Mandolin strings are highly recommended for both rehearsal and live concert applications. For banjoists, the Elixir Light Polyweb banjo strings are covered in an ultrathin, space-age polymer tube that contacts the string on the tops of the windings only. Strong and long lasting, these strings are just another example of Elixir's continuous string innovations.

When you're performing with strings that are made built to last, you can spend less time worrying about when they're are going to break, and more time on improving your craft as a musician. Elixir is continually trusted and praised by top recording artists from around the world. In fact, renowned performers like John Paul Jones, Eric Church, Melissa Etheridge and many others are all proud endorsers of Elixir strings, and throughout their extensive catalog, you'll have no problem finding the perfect set for your stringed instrument.