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Every guitarist has a string preference and once they get set on a specific size and style, its hard to steer them away towards something new. With the vast amount choices available on the market, it's hard to blame you. Rest assured though, once you try Elixir no other brand will suffice. Elixir realizes that nobody likes having to change their strings often. Because of that their strings have a reputation for not only lasting a long time, but still managing to maintain an extraordinary tone that continues to melt the minds of even the biggest stars in the industry. Before deciding on guitar strings, there are obviously a few things to think about, including what kind of music you're playing, and even what kind of guitar you use. The sound you plan on producing will be greatly influenced by the strings outlaid on your instrument. With that in mind, Elixir strings offer many different styles and sizes for all kinds of genres.

A popular choice amongst electric guitarists are the Elixir Light Polyweb Electric Guitar Strings. Covered in a thin, space age polymer tube, these strings deliver plenty of tone life no matter how often you play. While you're at it, check out the Elixir Light Strings with Nanoweb coating. With a staying power that lasts 3 to 5 times longer, these strings produce an impeccable sound throughout their entire usage, ensuring you can play and keep playing.

Thanks to their great tone and long life, Elixir has earned a legendary status in the world of musical instrument strings. Always creating new, innovative ways to enhance your playing enjoyment, Elixir takes pride in assuring that your guitar is equipped with the best strings money can buy. After all, your guitar deserves the best. Your guitar deserves the power and durability of Elixir Guitar Strings.