Grand Auditorium Acoustic Guitars

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Highly versatile and increasing in popularity, grand auditorium acoustic guitars cover a wide array of musical genres and playing styles. Designed by Bob Taylor in 1994, the shape of a grand auditorium guitar is wider than a dreadnought across the lower bout, but has a skinnier waist and forward bout. Today, grand auditorium acoustic guitars are played by many top-selling recording artists, including Taylor Swift and Simon Neil.

Thanks to their powerful volume yet easy playability, grand auditorium acoustic guitars are ideal for live performances. And because of their ever-growing usage, the most well-known guitar companies specialize in the manufacturing of high quality grand auditorium guitars. Whether you're looking for a classic 6-string, a ringing 12-string or a specific signature model, you can be sure that every brand from Washburn and Gretsch to Takamine and Luna has what you're looking for in this section.

Throughout our immense catalog of grand auditorium guitars, you'll find a broad range of top rated items and best sellers, including the Blueridge BR-163A Adirondack Top Craftsman Series 000 acoustic guitar. Containing select tone woods and hand-carved top braces, the remarkable sound and appearance of this guitar makes it essential for recording and concerts alike. For a brilliant signature model, the Taylor JMSM Jason Mraz acoustic-electric is a nylon-string player's dream come true. Made of Western Red cedar and Indian rosewood, the collaboration of Taylor and Jason Mraz has resulted in an instrument that would be exceptionally fitting for an intimate coffeehouse show.

Beloved by performing artists from around the world, grand auditorium acoustic guitars are consistently the number one choice guitar of singer-songwriters. However, their small, curvy rounded shape also makes them a superb option for beginners as well. Whatever you decide upon, just remember that there are all kinds of beautifully crafted grand auditorium acoustic guitars to choose from, and you don't need to look any further to find one.