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Yamaha is one of the most recognized and respected names in electric basses and for good reason. High-quality, technologically advanced, and made to be played, these instruments have a reputation for performing like no other. Laying down thick grooves or speeding through snappy solos, Yamaha electric basses are a staple in the music scene today. If you’re just starting out on the electric bass, Yamaha has a wide selection of novice instruments packs that will definitely impress in tone and quality. If this is your first bass though, you should start your search with the Gigmaker EB Electric Bass Package. With everything you need to start playing right away, this pack includes an RBX170 bass, a Qwik-Tune digital tuner, a shoulder strap, cables, gig bag and even an instructional DVD to guide you as you play. If you’re just looking for a beginner bass alone on the other hand, options like the TRBX174 Electric Bass Guitar, the RBX374 Electric Bass Guitar, and the RBX170EW Electric Bass Guitar with Exotic Mango Wood Top are more than able to accommodate. Featuring top-quality materials, advanced electronics and a variety of controls, each of these guitars offers something different for you to explore. 
If you’re looking for something to burn some thunderous bass lines on, you’re here for the 5-String Electric Bass Guitar With Pickguard. With a distinguished vintage tone, this electric bass features "Open Face Pickups" for some serious passive sound, a 5-piece neck for incredible durability, and Initial Response Acceleration during construction that gives it the sound of a bass that’s been played for years. This electric bass is truly something special.

Headliners everywhere have been turning to Yamaha for decades now on stage and in studio. Billy Sheehan, bassist for Steve Vai and David Lee Roth, Michael Anthony of Van Halen and Chickenfoot, and Jeph Howard of The Used are just a few of the top artists that swear by the tone of Yamaha electric basses. If you want to join that growing list, there’s no better way than by using the same instruments they do.