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About Maxon:

For some guitarists, plugging into an amp just isn't enough to satisfy their musical cravings. Thankfully, there are plenty of effects pedals to choose from in this day and age, and you can see from this section, Maxon has more than enough options to take your guitar playing to levels of sonic bliss. From overdrive, distortion and chorus pedals to delays, phasers and even power supplies, every pedal Maxon constructs is tried and tested by experienced players to ensure they sound and operate perfectly.

When top-recording artists as diverse as Arch Enemy, Gin Blossoms, Sum 41 and Slipknot have members that use Maxon effects pedals, you can bet they boast a high level of quality. Of course, getting a good idea of how trusted Maxon effects are is as simple as exploring the many top-rated items in this section, including the AD999 Pro Analog Delay Guitar Effects Pedal. Combining two of Maxon's most advanced delay units into a single compact pedal, this powerful stompbox produces the pure warmth of analog delay with low-noise circuitry. Responsive, versatile and easy to use, the AD999 is ideal for live and studio applications.

Or, if it's a classic tube overdrive sound that you want, look no further than the True Tube Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal. Like its name suggests, this killer pedal not only sounds like a real tube amp, but it gets as close as you can to that sound with an actual, US Military spec subminiature tube at its core. Plus, the True Tube is built like a tank, so you can enjoy this incredible overdrive pedal for countless years to come.

It's easy to tell that Maxon effects are designed by experts who are passionate about what they do. The simple truth is that they take pride in giving you the tools to let your imagination fly while playing your instrument, so it's really no wonder why their effects units are sought after by musicians the world over.