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  1. Yamaha AC1 Series Custom C1 Alto Saxophone Neck
    Product Price $324.99
  2. Save 10% with NEW2020
    Yamaha TE1 Series Custom E1 Tenor Saxophone Neck
    Product Price $429.99
  3. Yamaha YBS-62 Professional Baritone Saxophone
    Product Price $8,682.99
  4. Yamaha Custom YSS-82Z Series Professional Soprano Saxophone with Curved Neck
    Product Price $4,614.99
  5. Yamaha Custom YSS-82Z Series Professional Soprano Saxophone with Straight Neck
    Product Price $4,614.99
  6. Jupiter JBS1100SG Intermediate Baritone Saxophone
    Product Price $5,999.00
  7. Price Drop
    Selmer Paris Series III Model 66AF Jubilee Edition Baritone Saxophone
    Product Price $13,099.00
  8. Save 15% with NEW2020
    Amati AS43 Intermediate Alto Saxophone
    Product Price $1,699.99
    Open Box:
  9. P. Mauriat Professional Alto Saxophone Kit
    Product Price $3,099.99
  10. Jupiter JTS1100SG Tenor Saxophone
    Jupiter JTS1100SG Tenor Saxophone
    Product Price $2,829.00
  11. Yanagisawa AWO10 Alto Saxophone
    Yanagisawa AWO10 Alto Saxophone
    Product Price $4,637.00
  12. Yanagisawa WO37 Series Alto Saxophone
    Product Price $10,638.00
  13. Yanagisawa WO20 Series Alto Saxophone
    Product Price $5,334.00
  14. Selmer AS42 Professional Alto Saxophone
    Product Price $3,099.00
  15. Price Drop
    Selmer SSS280R La Voix II Soprano Saxophone Outfit
    Product Price $2,499.00
  16. Price Drop
    Selmer SBS280R La Voix II Baritone Saxophone
    Product Price $5,999.00
  17. P. Mauriat Le Bravo 200S Intermediate Soprano Saxophone
    Product Price $2,249.00
  18. P. Mauriat System 76 Professional Soprano Saxophone
    Product Price $2,899.00
  19. P. Mauriat Master Series 97A Alto Saxophone
    Product Price $3,999.00
  20. Yanagisawa TWO2 Bronze Professional Tenor Saxophone
    Product Price $4,804.00
  21. Yanagisawa Elite Tenor Saxophone
    Yanagisawa Elite Tenor Saxophone
    Product Price $12,843.00
  22. Yanagisawa Elite Tenor Saxophone
    Yanagisawa Elite Tenor Saxophone
    Product Price $5,116.00
  23. Save 10% with NEW2020
    P. Mauriat System-76AUL Professional Un-Lacquered Alto Saxophone Kit
    Product Price $2,929.99
  24. P. Mauriat PMXA-67RGL Professional Gold Lacquered Alto Saxophone Kit
    Product Price $2,679.00
  25. Save 25% with NEW2020
    Andreas Eastman Professional Tenor Saxophone Kit
    Product Price $2,979.99
  26. Save 20% with NEW2020
    Andreas Eastman Professional Tenor Saxophone Kit
    Product Price $2,999.99
  27. Amati 33 Series Student Alto Saxophone
    Product Price $2,301.00
  28. Amati 73PQ Tenor Saxophone
    Amati 73PQ Tenor Saxophone
    Product Price $2,079.99
  29. Keilwerth SX90R Shadow Model Professional Baritone Saxophone
    Product Price $13,809.00
  30. Save 25% with NEW2020
    Andreas Eastman Professional Alto Saxophone Kit
    Product Price $2,549.99
  31. Save 20% with NEW2020
    Andreas Eastman Professional Alto Saxophone Kit
    Product Price $2,499.99
  32. P. Mauriat Professional Eb Sopranino Saxophone
    Product Price $3,599.00
  33. Selmer Paris Model 56 Bass Saxophone
    Product Price $26,810.00
  34. Save 20% with NEW2020
    Andreas Eastman EBS640 Professional Baritone Saxophone
    Product Price $5,752.80
  35. P. Mauriat PMSA-500BXSK 'Black Pearl' Professional Alto Saxophone
    Product Price $4,179.00
  36. P. Mauriat PMST-500BXSK 'Black Pearl' Professional Tenor Saxophone
    Product Price $4,799.00
  37. P. Mauriat PMB-500BXSK 'Black Pearl' Professional Baritone Saxophone
    Product Price $6,979.00
  38. P. Mauriat PMXA-67RX Influence Professional Alto Saxophone
    Product Price $4,249.00
  39. Price Drop
    Selmer Paris Reference 54 Tenor Saxophone
    Selmer Paris Reference 54 Tenor Saxophone
    Product Price $8,459.00
  40. Price Drop
    Selmer Paris Reference 36 Tenor Saxophone
    Product Price $8,459.00
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Created to fill the tonal gap between the clarinet and the flute, the iconic sound of the saxophone is second to none. It really is no wonder that the great sax players have entire albums dedicated to their signature playing style. Choosing the one that’s right for you all depends on how dedicated you are to perfecting your practice. Saxophones come in 9 keys, from sopranissimo all the way down the scale to subcontrabass, the most common key being alto and tenor saxophones. Within each key there are student, intermediate and professional grade styles that can provide you with the exact features you need to be successful, depending on your skill level. If you’re just starting out, student saxophones like the Etude EAS-100 are made with the beginner in mind. The metalwork on the bell brace and keys is more durable to stand up to any rough handling common among younger players, while the easy tuning feature is quite basic to ensure the new player isn’t confused by more complex and professional tuning options. Once you’ve got a good handle on the all the basic breathing, music theory and embouchure, you’ll want to fine tune your sound and performance. This is where intermediate sax styles are useful. Options like the Yamaha YAS-480 offer extras like improved and tunable mechanisms, higher quality construction and adjustable screw cap stoppers for technical adjustments. Being able to tweak and tune your sax to your liking gets you one step closer to being a professional saxophone player. Professional-grade saxophones are even more customized. Options like the Yanagisawa A9935 or the Keilwerth SX90R are made with the highest possible quality materials, such as sterling silver, and are built to last a lifetime. They also include rocking table mechanisms so you can speedily change pitch, indented keys for easy playing and durably constructed braces for the bell. All of these considerations for the pro models make these saxophones ideal for players who know everything there is to know about the sax. The saxophone is a great instrument to try out, master and impress everyone with. They look complicated to the naked eye but once you have an understanding of them you can they aren’t too hard to play. Whatever your interest and skill level, there is a sax out there that will showcase your own personal style and talent.

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