Originally shown at Winter NAMM 2018, Fender's effect pedal line-up includes six brand-new circuits. These new designs cover overdrive, distortion, reverb, delay, compression and buffering. Each of these pedals is built using lightweight, durable anodized aluminum and features a new, "patent applied for", magnetically latched door for battery access. Let's take a closer look at each new pedal. 

Santa Ana Overdrive

Fender's new Santa Ana Overdrive pedal is an extremely flexible, FET-based design. The Santa Ana offers two switchable voices. Tone shaping comes courtesy of Bass, Middle and Presence controls, Output Level and Drive control. The Santa Ana features dedicated footswitches for Boost and Bypass. This new overdrive is capable of a wide a range of sounds, offering you everything from "a little bit of hair" all the way to fully saturated. If you're looking to really drive the front end of your amplifier, you'll want to consider the Santa Ana Overdrive. 

Pugilist Distortion

The Pugilist Distortion features two distinct gain circuits, each with their own dedicated tone controls. These gain circuits can be used independently or they can be stacked together, with the Blend control offering control of the final mix. Switchable Bass Boost offers another level of tone shaping, helping you find the perfect space in the mix. 

Mirror Image Delay

Offering three distinct delay types, Fender's Mirror Image Delay pedal is plenty versatile. The three types available are Digital Delay, Analog Delay and Tape Delay, each with two variations to choose from. Real-time controls include Depth, Rate, Feedback, Time and Level, giving you complete control of your sound. There's also a dotted-eighth note mode, packing that much more functionality into the pedal. 

Marine Layer Reverb

Fender's Marine Layer Reverb pedal offers three different reverb choices: Hall, Room, and Shimmer. Each of these has two different variations to choose from. Real-time controls include Pre-Delay, Damping, Reverb Time and Level. Even better? Your reverb tails carry over when switching the effect off, so you don't have to worry about any abrupt cuts to your sound. 

The Bends Compressor

If you're looking to tame your guitar's dynamics a little bit and add some sustain to your sound, Fender's new The Bends Compressor pedal is a great choice. On-board controls include Drive, Recovery, Blend and Level, allowing you to dial-in just the right amount of compression for your signal chain.

Level Set Buffer

The Level Set Buffer was designed to provide guitarists with confidence when switching guitars in and out of their rig. On-board controls include Level, High Frequency Trim and Load (Toggle On/Off). A Main Mute footswitch and dedicated Tuner Out allows for silent tuning.