Whether it’s Halloween, New Year’s Eve, or the 4th of July, here is a simple break-down of the gear you need to throw a party that you and your guests will enjoy. The basic run down consists of solutions for sound and lighting effects. Whether it’s loudspeakers, DJ controllers, microphones, lights or fog machines, we’ve got you covered.

Setting Up Sound For Your House Party

Starting with sound, you have to ask yourself a few questions first. How big is your space and how loud do you want the music to be? Casual parties and kick-backs don’t require massive sound output, however, parties where you expect dancing require enough power to drown out casual conversation and get the party moving. If you’re looking for a cost-effective loudspeaker that can provide decent sound output with reliable quality, check out the Harbinger V2212 PA. For less than $250 bucks, this speaker gives 600 watts of power, as well a few connection options in the back. There’s no Bluetooth, but you can plug your mobile device or laptop direction in with an 1/8” to RCA cable, aka “the aux cord”. There is also a microphone input in-case you need PA.

If you’re looking for a robust sound system that delivers enough power to shake your house, we recommend the QSC CP Series Loudspeakers paired with a QSC KS112 Powered Subwoofer! Another great option can be portable line-array systems which are powerful, compact, and portable. The Harbinger MLS900 boasts 900-watts of power, 8 inputs, Bluetooth connectivity, and is only 30 lbs. to carry. Finally, the new Bose L1 Pro Series is available in a variety of configurations, offering plenty of power and connectivity in a super portable package.

Additional audio products you may want to consider include live-sound mixers and microphones. Live sound mixers are great if you have multiple sources of audio that you want projected through your speakers. A couple reliable mixers include the Mackie ProFX 8 and the Yamaha MG10XU. Microphones are great to use with PA systems for making announcements, giving speeches, or even doing karaoke with your friends. A couple of great microphones include the reliable Shure SM58, and the Sennheiser E835. These are quality microphones at affordable prices that will last a lifetime.

Another topic that needs to be tackled is the source of the music. For casual functions, that simple 1/8” auxiliary cable will suffice! Be advised that many new Apple products require adapters to use these cables. If you’re someone that takes your sound selection a little more serious and want to get into DJing, we recommend going with a simple DJ Controller to connect to your laptop. 

All The Lighting Equipment You Need To Throw a House Party

Now that we’ve got sound covered, let’s discuss how to set the vibe for your event with proper lighting. Without lights, your event will lack ambience and effects that set the mood for your guests. The basic gist of lighting features color washes, lasers, strobes, and fog machines.

A color wash will essentially fill the room or designated area with whichever colors you would like. A great example of LED wash lights is the new Chauvet DJ SlimPar Bluetooth lights that can be controlled with an app on your mobile device! Lasers are also cool lights than can project intricate designs onto walls and ceilings. An affordable laser that will do the job is the VEI G300RGB. Also, if you’re looking for a spooky Halloween effect, we definitely recommend going with a fog machine and black lights.

Anyone can throw a party, but it takes planning, creativity and the right gear to put together a great event that you and your guests will remember for a lifetime.