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Audio-Technica is definitely a leader when it comes to wireless mic systems. Ever since they started in 1962, they've been pushing hard to set the standard for live sound quality - first with wires, and now without. Their hardware is everywhere, and if you're looking to upgrade or expand an AT setup, this selection of Audio-Technica wireless system components should have what you need. In fact, you could even assemble a complete system from scratch in this section if you like. That's what it's all about: the freedom of choice, to match the microphones and headsets you want with the receivers, antennas and transmitters you trust most.

There may even be times where you'd rather not go wireless after all. In that case, you'd be all set with an accessory like the Audio-Technica A T8539 Power Module. This is a simple lock-on adapter that transforms an AT892 MicroSet headworn mic, or any Wireless Essentials microphone with the matching 4-pin connector, into a wired mic in a pinch. It's a great way to save on battery, or just to give yourself the option of running wired or wireless as you see fit.

You'll find a fantastic selection of microphones here, such as the AT803 Omnidirectional Condenser Lavalier Mic or the ever-popular PRO 92cW-TH Wireless Headset Microphone... and they're just the beginning. If you really want to take full advantage of your Audio-Technica wireless system, it pays to explore what else it can do for you. Case in point: the AT-GRCW-PRO Premium Wireless Right Angle Guitar Cable. It's a professional-grade patch cable that connects your guitar or bass directly to an Audio-Technica UniPak body-pack wireless transmitter, so you can be completely untethered by wires and cables even when you're playing your instrument.

All of these great suggestions are only a few small examples from the wide range of Audio-Technica wireless system components, so don't be afraid to dive in and experiment! With something as incredibly customizable as an AT wireless system, all it takes is the right selection of components to get exactly the results you've always been looking for.