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Hughes & Kettner Amplifiers

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  1. Top Rated
    Hughes & Kettner GM40DH GrandMeister Deluxe 40 40W Guitar Amplifier Head
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  2. Best Seller
    Hughes & Kettner Black Spirit 200 200W Guitar Amp Head
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  3. Top Rated
    Hughes & Kettner TubeMeister TM112 60W 1x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet
  4. Best Seller
    Hughes & Kettner 2x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet
    1 Restock:
  5. Top Rated
    Hughes & Kettner TubeMeister TM18H 18W Tube Guitar Amp Head
    Open Box:
  6. Hughes & Kettner FSM 432 MK III MIDI Footswitch Controller for TubeMeister and GrandMeister
    Open Box:
  7. Top Rated
    Hughes & Kettner TubeMeister 40 Deluxe Head
    Open Box:
  8. Top Rated
    Hughes & Kettner TubeMeister 20 Deluxe Head
    Open Box:
  9. Hughes & Kettner Era 1 250W 1x8 Acoustic Combo Amp
  10. Hughes & Kettner Triamp Mark III 4x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet
    Open Box:
  11. Hughes & Kettner FS2 Footswitch for Triplex and Tour Reverb
  12. Save 10%
    Hughes & Kettner FS1 Footswitch for Vortex, Metroverb, and Club Reverb
  13. Hughes & Kettner Triamp Mark 3 150W Tube Guitar Amp Head
  14. Hughes & Kettner TubeMeister 110 1x10 Guitar Speaker Cabinet
  15. Hughes & Kettner Limited Edition Custom 4x12 Cabinet
  16. Top Rated
    Open Box Hughes & Kettner Switchblade 100H TSC 100W Tube Guitar Amp Head
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Germany has a big reputation in the music industry. As one of the world's hotbeds for the gothic and metal genres, they definitely know how to pile on more power, more distortion... more everything! It's no surprise, then, that Germany produces some of the most sought-after tube amps anywhere. Hughes & Kettner amplifiers first appeared in 1984, and with their strict devotion to the mighty tube, they've been at the top of guitarists' wish lists for all the years since then.

It might seem a bit stereotypical to expect engineering excellence from a German company, but in the case of Hughes & Kettner, it's definitely what you get. They've done an incredible job of combining classic tube character with cutting-edge programmable electronics, bringing together the best of vintage and modern in their amps. For an example of that, just check out the Coreblade 100W Tube Guitar Amp Head. Designed for metal but versatile enough for a wide variety of styles, this amplifier is a favorite of Alex Lifeson and Tommy Thayer - two names that make it clear the caliber of amp you're dealing with.

The name you'll see most often in this section, though, is TubeMeister. That's the main lineup for Hughes & Kettner, and it has a range of options from standalone amp heads to combo amplifiers such as the TubeMeister TM18 and TubeMeister 5. There are also some speaker cabinets in the series, like the TubeMeister 110, as well as a few standalone cabs, including the Hughes & Kettner 2x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet. All of the H&K speakers are built to the same high standards as their amps, and they make perfect partners for an H&K head if you're looking to build yourself a stack.

Summing up Hughes & Kettner amplifiers in a single sentence is easy: they're what you get when premium German engineering meets the unmatched character of vacuum tube-powered sound. Pairing modern electronics with the classic tube is more than just a good idea... Hughes & Kettner has proven that it's the foundation of an amp that stands head and shoulders above the competition.
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