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Multi-Use Amplifier Footswitches

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A multi-use footswitch is an integral part of any musician’s set-up. When you’re playing guitar, bass, piano, or any other two-handed instrument, a multi-use footswitch gives you the ability to change your settings on the fly, so you won’t miss a single note when you’re playing live. When you’re choosing the right footswitch for you, it’s important to be aware what it is you want to do with the footswitch and also what kind of instrument you hope to use it with. If you’re looking for a basic on/off switch for your guitar amp, you’ll definitely want to have a look at the 1-Button Vintage Style Footswitch from Fender. If it’s a keyboard you’re playing, then the CFS1 1 Button Footswitch from Crate may be right for you. These switches are simple to use, yet absolutely vital for a practical musician. If you’re in the market for something a little more elaborate, the ID Series Multi-Function Footswitch from Blackstar offers easy navigation of effects built into your ID amp on the fly. Further still, the MIDI MATE MIDI Control Pedal from Rocktron offers the ability to send up to six preset changes on six different channels at one time, allowing you unparalleled control over your instrument while you’re on stage. If you’re a techy kind of musician, you’ll definitely want to check out the iRig BlueBoard Bluetooth Wireless MIDI Foot controller for iOS and Mac from IK Multimedia in action. This switch is designed specifically for use with iOS apps such as Garage Band. You’ll no longer have to unlock your device and swipe between different effects. With this wireless device, it’s no different from having your own physical rig of pedals and effects sitting at your feet. Whether you’re an old-school musician who enjoys physical hardware, or a modern troubadour with an endless supply of apps and effects, a multi-use footswitch is going to help you bring the sound you’re looking for to your recordings and live shows, making them an absolute must-have tool of the trade.