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Guitar Amplifier Footswitches

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  1. Line 6 FBV 3 Advanced Guitar Footswitch
    Line 6 FBV 3 Advanced Guitar Footswitch
    Product Price $269.99
  2. Boss GA-FC Guitar Combo Foot Controller
    Boss GA-FC Guitar Combo Foot Controller
    Product Price $129.99
  3. Line 6 FBV Express MKII Guitar Footswitch
    Line 6 FBV Express MKII Guitar Footswitch
    Product Price $119.99
  4. Marshall MG4 Series Stompware Guitar Footcontroller Footswitch
    Product Price $59.95
  5. Vox VFS5 5-Button Footswitch
    Vox VFS5 5-Button Footswitch
    Product Price $64.99
    Open Box:
  6. Fender MGT-4 Footswitch for Mustang GT Amps
    Product Price $64.99
  7. Blackstar FS-14 5-Button Footswitch for Venue MkII
    Product Price $79.99
    Open Box:
  8. Hughes & Kettner FSM 432 MK III MIDI Footswitch Controller for TubeMeister and GrandMeister
    Product Price $219.00
    Open Box:
  9. Fender ABY Footswitch
    Fender ABY Footswitch
    Product Price $40.73
  10. Line 6 Helix Control Foot Controller
    Line 6 Helix Control Foot Controller
    Product Price $399.99
  11. Peavey 6505+ 3-Button Footswitch
    Peavey 6505+ 3-Button Footswitch
    Product Price $87.95
    Open Box:
  12. Fender FM65DSP and Super-Champ XD Footswitch
    Product Price $19.99
  13. Fender 4-Button Footswitch for Mustang Amps
    Product Price $52.88
    Open Box:
  14. BluGuitar Remote1 Foot Controller for BluGuitar Amp1
    Product Price $349.99
    Open Box:
  15. Orange Amplifiers FS-1 1-Button Guitar Footswitch
    Product Price $35.95
  16. 10% off w/ rocktober19
    Marshall CODE Stompware Guitar Amp Footcontroller
    Product Price $69.99
  17. Engl Z-9 Custom Footswitch
    Engl Z-9 Custom Footswitch
    Product Price $249.99
  18. Boss FS-7 Dual Footswitch
    Boss FS-7 Dual Footswitch
    Product Price $59.99
  19. 15% off w/ rocktober19
    Fender 1-Button Footswitch for Mustang and Blues Junior Amps
    Product Price $13.79
  20. Ibanez IFS2G Two-Button Footswitch for TSA15H
    Product Price $39.99
  21. Price Drop
    Fender Hot Rod Deluxe DeVille Footswitch
    Fender Hot Rod Deluxe DeVille Footswitch
    Product Price $32.00
  22. Vox VFS2A Guitar Footswitch
    Vox VFS2A Guitar Footswitch
    Product Price $44.99
  23. Peavey Sanpera Pro Foot Controller
    Product Price $349.94
  24. Voodoo Lab Ground Control Pro MIDI Foot Controller
    Product Price $429.99
  25. 25% off w/ rocktober19
    Orange Amplifiers FS-2 2-Button Dual Guitar Footswitch
    Product Price $41.99
  26. Price Drop
    Marshall 2-Way Footswitch
    Marshall 2-Way Footswitch
    Product Price $53.95
  27. Voodoo Lab Control Switcher Guitar Footswitch
    Product Price $149.99
  28. 15% off w/ rocktober19
    Fender 2-Button Vintage RCA Footswitch
    Fender 2-Button Vintage RCA Footswitch
    Product Price $37.48
  29. 15% off w/ rocktober19
    Fender 2-Button Channel/Chorus Footswitch
    Fender 2-Button Channel/Chorus Footswitch
    Product Price $39.99
  30. 10% off w/ rocktober19
    Throne Room Pedals Tiny Amp Footswitch
    Throne Room Pedals Tiny Amp Footswitch
    Product Price $35.00
    Open Box:
  31. Electro-Harmonix Nano Signal Pad Attenuator Guitar Effects Pedal
    Product Price $45.10
    Open Box:
  32. Electro-Harmonix Clockworks Guitar Pedal Controller
    Product Price $221.30
    Open Box:
  33. Engl Z-4 Footswitch
    Engl Z-4 Footswitch
    Product Price $129.99
  34. 15% off w/ rocktober19
    Marshall M-PEDL 2-Way Footswitch with LEDs
    Product Price $99.99
  35. Peavey Sanpera II Guitar Footswitch
    Peavey Sanpera II Guitar Footswitch
    Product Price $219.00
  36. Vox VFS-2 Dual Footswitch for AD15/30/50/100VT, AD100VTH, V9168R
    Product Price $32.99
  37. Engl Z-5 Custom Footswitch
    Engl Z-5 Custom Footswitch
    Product Price $239.99
  38. Supro SF4 Footswitch for Blues King 12 Combo Amp
    Product Price $54.99
  39. Randall RF4 Guitar Footswitch
    Randall RF4 Guitar Footswitch
    Product Price $99.87
  40. 15% off w/ rocktober19
    Fender 3-Button Channel Gain Reverb Footswitch
    Product Price $61.88
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Seamlessly transitioning between amps or channels is the main attraction of a guitar amplifier footswitch. Your experimentation with a footswitch allows your amplifier to operate to its full potential. Once you customize your amp's levels to your liking, you then plug in your chosen switch to your amplifier and are able to add, subtract or combine your amps to suit your overall sound. Footswitches have been gaining in popularity with stage musicians for decades. The ease of use they provide gives the guitarist a much better chance of executing a ripping solo because he has better control over the amplification. The ability to snap an amp on or off allows the musician to truly tailor exactly what the audience is hearing. Most footswitches are equipped with LED lights to ensure you know what you are tapping on stage. Once your setup is complete and you're all plugged in, it is useful to have a little light guiding the way when you get into a complicated jam. Layering your sound with a footswitch is an interesting feature. Some guitarists choose very different channel setups and then use their footswitch to put them together into one overall sound. When you hear a really full section and then hear an amp effect drop out, it is likely the footswitch has been integrated into the music. The rubberized bottoms offered with most footswitches give you good traction, taking away the need to build an elaborate pedal board. When you're thrashing it's useful to have a secure footswitch that won't make its way around the stage. Even novices can enjoy a little channel tampering with a basic footswitch. They can easily be used with a combo amp to allow you to change up your style and sound with a simple tap. It's a great way to learn and get informed about the possibilities offered by an electric guitar. Whether you're giving your audience an elaborate array of layered sounds or just trying to alter your jam a bit, a footswitch is an easy and convenient option. Your sound is important so the simpler the tools you have to work with, the more success you'll have in keeping your tone as sharp or as fuzzed as you want.

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