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Electronic Drums

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  1. Korg KRmini Compact Rhythm Machine
    Korg KRmini Compact Rhythm Machine
    Product Price $89.99
    Open Box:
  2. Yamaha Acoustic Snare/Tom Trigger with Dual Zone
    Product Price $89.99
  3. Yamaha PCY135 3-Zone Electronic Cymbal
    Yamaha PCY135 3-Zone Electronic Cymbal
    Product Price $149.99
  4. KAT Percussion Deluxe Electronic 5-Piece Drum Kit
    Product Price $699.00
  5. 10% off w/ rocktober
    Axis E3 Trigger
    Axis E3 Trigger
    Product Price $159.99
  6. Arturia DrumBrute Impact Analog Drum Machine
    Product Price $299.00
  7. 15% off w/ rocktober
    Zildjian Gen16 Buffed Bronze Crash Cymbal
    Zildjian Gen16 Buffed Bronze Crash Cymbal
    Product Price $149.95
  8. Roland PDX-6 V-Pad
    Roland PDX-6 V-Pad
    Product Price $129.99
    Open Box:
  9. Pearl R.E.D. Box ePro
    Pearl R.E.D. Box ePro
    Product Price $599.00
  10. Roland PD-85 Mesh Dual Zone V Drum Trigger Pad
    Product Price $259.99
  11. Roland TM-1 Dual Input Trigger Module with WAV Manager Application
    Product Price $179.99
  12. Meinl Acoustic Snare Stomp Box with L-Shaped Beater, Black
    Product Price $69.99
  13. Elektron Analog Heat MKII
    Elektron Analog Heat MKII
    Product Price $799.00
  14. Roland PDX-8 V Drum Electronic Drum Pad
    Roland PDX-8 V Drum Electronic Drum Pad
    Product Price $229.99
  15. Roland PD-8 Dual-Trigger Pad
    Roland PD-8 Dual-Trigger Pad
    Product Price $109.99
    Open Box:
  16. Buttkicker Advance Audio Transducer
    Buttkicker Advance Audio Transducer
    Product Price $199.99
    Open Box:
  17. Roland CY-14C V-Cymbal Crash
    Roland CY-14C V-Cymbal Crash
    Product Price $359.99
  18. Yamaha PCY100 3-Zone Electronic Cymbal Pad
    Product Price $99.99
    Open Box:
  19. Yamaha TCS DTX Tom Pad
    Yamaha TCS DTX Tom Pad
    Product Price $369.99
  20. ddrum DDTI Trigger Interface
    ddrum DDTI Trigger Interface
    Product Price $169.00
  21. KAT Percussion 200-Watt Digital Drumset Amplifier
    Product Price $379.99
  22. ddrum Red Shot Bass Drum Trigger
    ddrum Red Shot Bass Drum Trigger
    Product Price $39.00
  23. Zildjian Gen16 Buffed Bronze Hi Hat Cymbal
    Product Price $229.95
    Open Box:
  24. 15% off w/ rocktober
    NFUZD Audio NSPIRE Sound Module
    NFUZD Audio NSPIRE Sound Module
    Product Price $249.00
  25. Meinl FX Pedal with 10 Sound Options
    Meinl FX Pedal with 10 Sound Options
    Product Price $199.99
  26. Yamaha Acoustic Bass Drum Trigger Single Zone
    Product Price $89.99
    Open Box:
  27. Roland SPD::ONE Electro Pad
    Roland SPD::ONE Electro Pad
    Product Price $179.99
  28. ddrum Chrome Elite Advanced Engineered Bass Drum Trigger
    Product Price $79.00
  29. 25% off w/ rocktober
    2Box TrigIt Acoustic 2-Channel Trigger for Snare Drums and Toms
    Product Price $49.99
  30. Keith McMillen BopPad Smart Fabric Drum Pad
    Product Price $214.00
    Open Box:
  31. Yamaha 3-Zone Electronic Drum Pad
    Yamaha 3-Zone Electronic Drum Pad
    Product Price $99.99
  32. 15% off w/ rocktober
    Pintech VisuLite Professional Hi-Hat Cymbals with Triggered Bell and Included Controller
    Product Price $428.00
  33. 10% off w/ rocktober
    Logjam Bass Drum in a Box Travel Log Stomper
    Product Price $112.45
  34. Zildjian Gen16 Acoustic-Electric Single Cymbal Cable
    Product Price $14.00
  35. Sale
    Zildjian Gen16 Buffed Bronze Splash
    Zildjian Gen16 Buffed Bronze Splash
    Product Price $89.99 Regular Price $119.95 On Sale Now!
  36. 15% off w/ rocktober
    Pintech Silentrim
    Pintech Silentrim
    Product Price $9.99
  37. Zildjian Gen16 Acoustic-Electric Cymbal Extension Cable
    Product Price $19.00
  38. Zildjian Gen16 Acoustic-Electric Hi-Hat Cable
    Product Price $19.00
  39. 20% off w/ rocktober
    NFUZD Audio NSPIRE Tom Trigger Pad
    NFUZD Audio NSPIRE Tom Trigger Pad
    Product Price $79.00
  40. Roland ELCajon Mic Processor
    Roland ELCajon Mic Processor
    Product Price $259.99
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There's nothing quite like saddling up behind a drum kit and really rocking out. It allows you to really get into the groove and make some serious noise that can impress fans and bandmates. Of course, on the flip side, it can leave friends and family wondering when that drum solo is going to quiet down. With electronic drums, you'll never have to worry about volume, and, even better, you'll be able to explore different sonic capabilities you never thought were possible before.

The major difference (beyond volume control) with electronic drums over acoustic drums is versatility. Many of these kits come pre-programmed with a wide variety of tones that you can mix and match to come up with some truly unique sounds. With the ability to totally control your rhythms, it's no wonder you're looking for a set of electronic drums to call your own.

The only question left to ask yourself is which electronic drum kit is going to be right for you? Well, as you can imagine, that's a matter of personal preference and skill level. For example, if you're a beginner who is searching for their first electronic kit, you may want to check out the Simmons SD5X Electronic Drum Set. This tidy kit delivers an incredibly authentic experience for any drummer. Featuring four drum pads, three cymbal pads, a hi-hat control pedal and a kick pad, this set comes with 8 preset songs, 22 preset kits, 10 programmable kits and a ton of drum voices, all at a great, entry level price so you can start your musical journey with ease.

On the other hand, if you're a serious player who demands a serious setup, you'll want to spend some time with the Roland TD-30KV V-Pro Series Electronic Drum Kit. This flagship kit offers an unbelievably natural playing experience with expression that truly brings them to life. By combining the feel of acoustic drums with a seemingly endless wealth of features, you'll be hard pressed to find a better set of electronic drums on the market today.

Electronic drums are the perfect option for any player, from a beginner to a seasoned pro. With the ability to control their volume and unleash seemingly limitless sounds, they are the best option for drummers who really want to push themselves to the next level.

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