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Flutes & Piccolos

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  1. 25% off w/ rocktober
    Etude Model EFL-100 Student Flute
    Etude Model EFL-100 Student Flute
    Product Price $249.99
    Open Box From:
  2. Gemeinhardt 2SP Series Student Flute
    Gemeinhardt 2SP Series Student Flute
    Product Price $479.00
  3. Gemeinhardt Model 3 Flute
    Gemeinhardt Model 3 Flute
    Product Price $679.00
  4. Yamaha YFL-222 Standard Flute
    Yamaha YFL-222 Standard Flute
    Product Price $1,015.00
    Open Box:
  5. Yamaha YFL-382 Intermediate Flute
    Yamaha YFL-382 Intermediate Flute
    Product Price $1,387.99
  6. Yamaha YFL-462 Intermediate Flute
    Yamaha YFL-462 Intermediate Flute
    Product Price $2,165.99
  7. Pearl Flutes 665 Quantz Vigore Professional Series Open Hole Flute
    Product Price $2,123.00
  8. Yamaha YPC-32 Piccolo
    Yamaha YPC-32 Piccolo
    Product Price $1,399.00
  9. 25% off w/ rocktober
    Etude EFL-200 Student Series Flute
    Product Price $299.99
    Open Box:
  10. In-Cart Discount
    Azumi AZ2 Intermediate Flute
    Azumi AZ2 Intermediate Flute
    Product Price $1,649.00
    Open Box From:
  11. Yamaha YFL-362 Intermediate Flute
    Yamaha YFL-362 Intermediate Flute
    Product Price $1,387.99
  12. Pearl Flutes 795 Elegante Series Flute
    Product Price $2,764.00
  13. 25% off w/ rocktober
    Allora Student Series Piccolo Model AAPI-996
    Product Price $299.99
  14. BURKART Resona Grenadilla Wood Piccolo
    Product Price $2,664.00
  15. Yamaha YPC-62 Professional Piccolo
    Product Price $2,295.99
  16. 25% off w/ rocktober
    Prelude by Conn-Selmer Student Model Flute
    Product Price $550.00
  17. Pearl Flutes Quantz 665 Series Flutes
    Product Price $1,313.00
  18. 25% off w/ rocktober
    Allora AFL-250 Student Series Flute
    Product Price $399.99
    Open Box:
  19. Tomasi Series 10 Solid Silver (.925) Headjoint
    Product Price $949.00
  20. Pearl Flutes 525 Series Intermediate Flute
    Product Price $958.50
  21. Di Zhao DZ-100 Student Flute G C-Foot
    Di Zhao DZ-100 Student Flute G C-Foot
    Product Price $524.00
  22. Yamaha Curved Headjoint for Student Model Flute
    Product Price $164.99
  23. 20% off w/ rocktober
    Nuvo Flute Curved Head Joint
    Nuvo Flute Curved Head Joint
    Product Price $34.99
  24. 20% off w/ rocktober
    Nuvo Donut Head Joint
    Nuvo Donut Head Joint
    Product Price $14.99
  25. Powell-Sonare 501 Sonare Series Flute
    Product Price $1,773.00
  26. Tomasi Series 09 Flute, Silver-Plated Body, Solid Silverlight Headjoint (.835)
    Product Price $1,449.00
  27. Tomasi Series 10 Flute, Silver-Plated Body, Solid .925 Silver Headjoint
    Product Price $1,899.00
  28. 25% off w/ rocktober
    Giardinelli GPC-300 Piccolo
    Giardinelli GPC-300 Piccolo
    Product Price $499.99
  29. Yamaha Professional 797H Series Flute Inline G
    Product Price $6,779.99
  30. Yamaha Professional 697H Series Flute Inline G
    Product Price $3,849.99
  31. Yamaha Professional 597H Series Flute Inline G
    Product Price $2,819.99
  32. 48-Month Financing*
    Jupiter JFL710A Student Flute Closed Hole
    Product Price $999.00
    Or $21/month^ with 48 month
    financing* Limited Time. Details
  33. 48-Month Financing*
    Jupiter JFL710ROA Student Flute Open Hole
    Product Price $1,319.00
    Or $28/month^ with 48 month
    financing* Limited Time. Details
  34. Di Zhao DZ 200 Student Flute
    Di Zhao DZ 200 Student Flute
    Product Price $701.00
  35. Gemeinhardt 2SPCH Student Flute
    Gemeinhardt 2SPCH Student Flute
    Product Price $679.00
  36. Altus 807 Series Handmade Flute
    Altus 807 Series Handmade Flute
    Product Price $2,995.00
  37. Gemeinhardt Galway Crusader 33 Series Flute Inline G
    Product Price $1,795.00
  38. Guo Tocco C Flute Plus
    Guo Tocco C Flute Plus
    Product Price $850.00
    Open Box:
  39. 25% off w/ rocktober
    Giardinelli GFL-300 Silver-Plated Flute
    Product Price $709.99
  40. Yamaha YFL-874HW Handmade Wooden Flute
    Product Price $9,585.99
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Whether you’re a soloist or second chair, choosing the flute or piccolo that’s right for you is key. The sound of a perfectly played flute is very distinct so whether you’re just learning or playing center stage, you’ll want an instrument that most clearly represents your skills. Piccolos and flutes have primarily the same construction with piccolos being the smaller option of the two. The more compact construction makes it so you can play in a much higher register. Flutes on the other hand, have a deeper tone and a wider range of notes. Most musicians who learn either the piccolo or the flute can easily pick up the other and give it a try. These woodwind instruments are categorized by skill level with options ranging from student to intermediate to professional. These categories are simply meant as a guide to help you figure out what might suit you best. However, if you are passionate about learning the flute, there is no reason not to jump right to an intermediate design. It also depends on your interest level. Student flutes and piccolos are certainly your best bet for beginners. The first two to three years of learning the instrument are challenging so an easy-to-use model like the Allora Student Series Piccolo or the Jupiter 511 Series flute are a good option. The affordable materials, simple tuning and easy press keys all help you learn the notes and proper breathing practice without breaking the bank. Once you’ve mastered the basics intermediate flutes like the Azumi AZ-2 flute or the Gemeinhardt Model 4SP Piccolo are great options when you want to level up. These styles feature open key holes for more precise playing and higher quality materials such as silver or silver plated nickel. These extra features allow you customize your performance further and the higher quality materials ensure your instrument stays in good condition. If you’re a seasoned professional you’re going to want the highest quality flute or piccolo possible. These models like the Woodwind Deluxe Custom Piccolo or the Avanti 2000 Professional Flute are either handcrafted or produced with great care. With professional models, the response is customized to be very precise, meaning the slightest touch of a key will produce a sound when playing. Specialized playing techniques are much easier to perform on professional grade flutes and piccolos. Flutes and piccolos are not just for orchestras and marching bands. The light and airy feel of these instruments can be heard throughout music history. Whatever genre you’re interested in, there is definitely room for some experimenting with these unique instruments.

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