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About DW:

You've got to respect any drum builder with the bravery to label themselves "the drummer's choice," and what's even more worthy of respect is that, in this case, they're usually right. Countless professional drummers choose DW drums for their personal kits, including legends like Scott Travis, Nick Mason, Neil Pearl and Dave Grohl. Really, with DW, the name says it all: those initials stand for Drum Workshop, which is a fitting callback to the small "backroom" operation once opened to fund a percussion teaching studio.

We know today that it didn't take very long for manufacturing to become the focus of DW's business, which was great news for the drumming profession as a whole - instead of teaching technique to a few lucky students, making their own drums has allowed DW to transform the percussion scene by improving the gear used by thousands of drummers. Ever since Tommy Lee first stumbled upon DW drums and personally let the cat out of the bag, they've been top picks for artists everywhere.

If there's one consistent theme that applies to all DW drums, it's that they're never second-best. No second-guessing needed: just find the instruments that fit your style and budget, and you can expect amazing results from the first tap. Are you a beginner, or just searching for an affordable entry point into the DW drum community? Consider the Design Series for starters. These can compete with any drum set on the market without prying your purse strings open too far. Interested in playing the most renowned and sought-after drums in the DW lineup? If so, turn your attention to the Performance and Collector's Series. The Queen Icon Snare, for instance, is a can't-miss drum for Roger Taylor fans, and that's only one example of what you'll find here.

On top of all the drums they make, DW is also known for their accessories. That makes this a perfect place to build yourself one truly world-class drum set: choose the shell pack or individual drums you like, then decide on the racks and stands to get them set up, and you can build your own rock star-worthy kit without ever leaving this section. The only question left to ask is "what are you waiting for?"