Gibson Custom Electric Guitars

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Gibson is a name that is truly revered by guitar players. As a builder of custom electric guitars, they are in a class all their own, leading the way with their iconic designs. Founded in 1902, Gibson’s dedication to quality and craftsmanship has helped them to carve out a reputation for themselves that had garnered the respect and admiration of musicians all across the world.  Of course, when you’ve earned a reputation such as Gibson’s, there are some serious perks. One such perk is that some of the greatest guitarists the world has ever known are going to be clamoring to work with you. Many of the results of these collaborations are on display here in the Gibson Custom Electric Guitars section. Whether you’re looking for a guitar that calls back to a certain era, or a guitar that is a direct replica of the one your idol hits the stage with every night, you’ll certainly find it here. These guitars are built with incredible attention to detail, making them some of the finest guitars that the world will ever have the pleasure of hearing. 

Choosing the custom electric guitar for you could be as easy as choosing your favorite guitarist. If you’re obsessed with the shredding that Zakk Wylde unleased on Ozzy Osbourne’s solo records and with the Black Label Society, then check out the Custom Zakk Wylde Signature Les Paul Electric Guitar. This hypnotizing guitar features incredible EMG humbucking pickups, giving you the power to lay waste to the venue with your scorching solos. 

Or maybe you’re more interested in the southern fried boogie woogie of ZZ Top? Well then look no further than the Custom Billy Gibbons Les Paul Goldtop VOS Electric Guitar. This guitar offers Billy’s take on one of Gibson’s most well-known designs. Featuring a hand crafted pinstripe design, these are seriously sharp dressed guitars. And not only do they look good, but with two Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates pickups, they also sounds amazing. Comfortable to play, pretty to look at, and sonically striking, this guitar is going to impress all the beer drinkers & hell raisers in the crowd at your gig.

And that’s only a small sampling of what you can find here. From Alex Lifeson’s Les Paul Axcess to Ace Frehley’s gorgeous Budokan, there are guitars here you thought you’d only ever see in your wildest rock and roll fantasies. When you’re serious about your guitar, there’s no other option - only a Gibson Custom will do.