Carl Martin Effects

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Since their creation, effects pedals have sure come a long way! In the early stages of the electric guitar, effects like distortion were created by simply overdriving the amp and playing as hard as possible. By the 1960's however, guitar effects pedals were becoming more accessible to the general public. At the height of rock n roll, kids around the world were creating their own unique versions of the "going nowhere blues" by experimenting with chorus pedals, wah-wah pedals and the ever so popular fuzz box. Today, the possibilities seem endless, and thanks to leaders of the industry like Carl Martin, musical experimentation can reach new mind-blowing feats of awe and admiration.

From flangers and phasers to chorus pedals and even genre specific pedals, Carl Martin Effects offer something for every guitarist. For beginners, the PlexiTone Single Channel Guitar Effects Pedal is a stripped down version of the Pro Series Plexitone, providing the same incredible tone but in a small pedal-board style with 3 knobs and 1 switch. In the genre specific department, fans of vintage Dick Dale style surf guitar will love the Carl Martin Trem-o-Vibe Pedal! Consisting of a tremolo and a real vibrato, this pedal has been carefully designed to imitate the sound of a real tube vibrato!

Whatever you decide upon, you can have peace of mind knowing that Carl Martin Effects have been created by true fanatics of the electric guitar and its capabilities. Carl Martin Effects will provide hours upon hours of fun for everyone from beginners who want to imitate their idols, to professionals looking to experiment and find a tone that's all their own! Whatever you're into, one thing is certain; you'll find the perfect Carl Martin effect to suit your own musical tastes. Once you pick a pedal out all that's left to do is turn up the volume and have fun!